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The brief.

Creating dedicated content to generate traffic and appeal to new target groups was the assignment that ICHEC Formation Continue entrusted us with. During a meeting, this long-time client shared his needs with us: to have a modern digital tool that is easy to edit, to be able to use it independently and to have an up-to-date and flexible system of filters and categories. In fine took up the challenge!

Our approach.

The mission of ICHEC? Create online content and work on SEO to build a community by highlighting a complete offer; reach new people and increase awareness via an appropriate digital tool. How did we accomplish this? Together! After analysing the primary and secondary target groups and the different objectives, we agreed that setting up a blog – in addition to their classic website – would be the best tool. So, we created this blog in WordPress to ensure that the content management system would be simple, smooth, structured and tailor-made. When programming, we paid special attention to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. We linked the tool directly to ICHEC's other digital platforms to maintain brand consistency and increase the number of possible links and connections for users. The project was built and designed taking into account the client's other digital tools, and based on a global digital communication plan. Our mission: to help our client achieve their goal. The result speaks for itself: the ICHEC teams have a simple and pleasant tool that allows them to work smoothly. This digital platform will enable them to communicate in a specific way with their different target groups. The structure is well thought out and flexible, and the look & feel is professional - a perfect match with the DNA of ICHEC Formation Continue.
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Retour aux sources avec l'utilisation de Wordpress dans sa version la plus épurée tout en proposant un design différent d'un blog "classique" plus coloré et dynamique. Chaque catégorie étant liée à une couleur... chaque article devait reprendre cette couleur en fond de manière automatique. Sympa et amusant avec ce qu'il faut de challenge et de quoi s'amuser en tant que développeur. Maxime
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