Why choose in fine?

Because we're unique and our liberating philosophy helps us to…

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get things right. aim higher.

Listening's great but understanding is even better. We'll take the time to really understand you and your brand.

Because a carefully designed brand is sure to be a success. At In Fine, we like to keep things simple and effective. It's in our blood!


give you more. feel alive.

When you have a strong sense of wellbeing, you can feel more alive and carefree. Our versatile team is enriched by its diversity.

We're all free but we also do what's needed to make our team even better.

Our collective intelligence provides you with + creativity; + pragmatism; + transparency... and that changes everything!

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hassle-free want sugar with that?

Whether you’re a big or a small company, we like you just as you are. Let's get back to basics together :-)

Interested in finding out more about the liberating company philosophy? Here's some more information.

bref, tout ça pour rester simple. bref, tout ça pour rester généreux. bref, tout ça pour rester créatif.

our ultimate aim is to stay simple.

workshop Aurélie in fine Sophie cahay in fine

our ultimate aim is to stay generous.

Wireframe In Fine David team building David et Sophie

our ultimate aim is to stay creative.

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Sylvain Christine Charles Sophichon Laurie Céline Ingrid Caro Ward David Logan Pascal Eve So Auré Lucie Giulia Maxime Célia