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Campagne LièGin summer.

  • Digital marketing.
Campagne Liègin Summer cover

The brief.

LièGin is a Liège gin brand with a distinct product range. At in fine, we have seen this young and loyal client grow over time. During the past summer, LièGin asked us to support the launch of its new gin LièGin Summer and to work on the packaging design. The challenge? Not only realise many things in a short time but also create a branding that visually can make a difference and boost sales.

Our approach.

Through a detailed multi-channel plan, strict day-to-day coordination and customer support based on trends (tools, messages, and budget allocation), we succeeded in producing multiple deliverables for LièGin in record time!

An extensive photo pack, social media communication, press communication, B2B communication, email marketing, website update, competitions... At in fine, we had busy times! Our achievements? Visibility and awareness for the new product. Increased loyalty at the existing target group and a new community created through posts, stories and reels on Facebook and Instagram. Unparalleled interaction and involvement from a very enthusiastic community eagerly awaiting new announcements. And finally: a database of no fewer than 2,000 consumers and 21 lucky winners who have become brand ambassadors. One thing is sure, LièGin was all set for summer!
Plan de Comm LièGin Teasing LièGin
Shooting LièGin Reveal
It was a pleasure to drive this project from A to Z and to be involved in all creative processes: packaging design, competition platform, shooting of the visuals for social media, etc. I am proud of our approach that has allowed our client to save money and still get exceptional results. Céline
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