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Sabena Engineering.

  • Digital experience.

The brief.

The Belgian aerospace group Orizio (Sabca and Sabena Aerospace) assigned us to develop a range of communication media for the official launch of its Sabena Engineering brand. From email signatures to signage on site, but also building the new website, designing printed media and all other gear. The list was long and diverse! It was a real challenge in terms of timing and follow-up, but in fine delivered!

Our approach.

In record time, the agency had to appropriate the new graphic charter created by Minale Agency. Thanks to our expertise and experience, we were able to translate the brand identity to all different media. Our collaboration has resulted in numerous deliverables. For the new website, the client wanted to be able to manage the content with complete freedom and flexibility. We have therefore created a flexible page template made up of a multitude of modules. This way, the client can tailor the website himself: creating and editing web pages is very easy. When designing the web platform, we paid particular attention to employer branding: personalised emails, (international) applications, dedicated page, internal photo shoot, categorising of job offers, etc. By putting several duo teams from the agency on this project, our way of working proved to be the right approach. The combination of skills, flexible planning, good coordination between all partners, and professional financial follow-up throughout the project ensured a successful launch of Sabena Engineering in a serene atmosphere.
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Un joli challenge en tant que développeur pour concevoir etanticiper l’utilisation de chaque bloc composant une page. Offrir une totale liberté de création au client tout en assurant un rendu visuel toujours en place et cohérent. Maxime
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