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El Matcho.

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El Matcho cover

The brief.

LièGin has been a pioneering ambassador for gin in the Fervent City since 2016 – now, the brand is preparing to launch a new, 100% Liégeois beverage! EL MATCHO rum is made in one of Jamaica’s oldest distilleries before being aged back home in Belgium in casks made from French oak, finished in American barrels and flavoured with Japanese matcha tea. We were an obvious choice when it came to the brand image and packaging for this new product that brings out the Rasta in us all.

Our approach.

Rum, women and matcha... what more could you want? Like the gin during the creative team’s lengthy brainstorming session, the ideas just kept on flowing. The team came up with a strong, quirky visual identity echoing every facet of the product name, with a dose of Belgian humour thrown in for good measure! Their work was key to the success of the product launch.
El Matcho Logo El Matcho bouteille bouchon
In this exciting packaging project, we were able to think outside the box and opt for a glam vintage feel to the graphics. Throw in some premium effects, like textured paper, Pantone colours and gilt detailing, and voilà – a bottle we’re super proud of. Sophie
Why work with In Fine?
El Matcho bouteille dorée