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  • Digital experience.
Délio cover

The brief.

Délio, a well-known salad spread brand, asked for our help to showcase their product ranges: a variety of sandwich fillers made from carefully selected ingredients.

Our approach.

In fine designed a pioneering national campaign with Délio for display on the brand-new network of digital bus shelters. We also created a new website to showcase the different product ranges in a clear, inspiring manner. A fully digital platform was designed to manage the '100% discount' promotion, offering a simple and effective way to activate sales. Our client also asked us for help with their social media accounts so that they could reach as many potential customers as possible.
Délio - social media Délio - abribus
Délio - mobile
It was really satisfying to work with such a demanding customer. It was also nice that they gave us permission to liven up their social media. They like it to be buzzing and so do I! Sophie
Why work with In Fine?
Délio - website