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  • Digital experience.
Kitogreen cover

The brief.

Kitogreen is an innovative product released in 2020 by the Liège-based company KitoZyne. To make this niche product known to its target audience, our customer needed a creative universe to reflect their technological expertise and a commercial tool for contacting potential customers and sharing technical information with them.

Our approach.

This wasn't just about creating a website. Our mission for Kitogreen was to reflect their very unique product offering and highlight its innovative nature. The site design enabled us to create a truly digital graphic charter. We worked with artists specialising in scientific illustration to create an iconic design that would make Kitogreen stand out from the competition.
Kitogreen - mockup website
Graphically speaking, it's a very innovative website. The customer was very receptive to the team's design ideas and they trusted our recommendations completely. Céline
Why work with In Fine?
Kitogreen - wireframe mobile Kitogreen - icones
Kitogreen - laptop