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La cité école vivante.

  • Branding & concept.
  • Digital experience.
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The brief.

Since 2016, the nonprofit organization CEV and its volunteers have been working on an important venture: the 'Cité École Vivante'. A high school in Liège that's committed to using shared governance principles to help young people find more meaning in their learning process and their education in general through constant self-evaluation. We had a very important mission: to rework their image and communication from A to Z.

Our approach.

Faced with this important challenge, we poured all our energy and passion into crafting an identity, logo and website that would truly reflect their values. The team went one step further to deliver a high-quality product with a young, dynamic feel to 'sell' the project to as many targets as possible. Through learning and dialogue, In Fine established a close partnership and fluid communication so that we could understand the customer's world and help fulfil their ambitions.
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What a wonderful life lesson and experience. This project was packed full of emotions and our hope and joy comes through in our creations. We're eager to find out where the project takes them next and we hope all their adventures are just as colourful as this one. Aurélie
Why work with In Fine?
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