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  • Packaging.

The brief.

Materne is a family business, well known for its products featuring tasty recipes, all made with love. They wanted to give their compote pouches a fresh, new look. So, we set out our pitch. And because we love both challenges and compotes, we won!

Our approach.

Here at In Fine, we love to play with the creative process. We wanted to bring this project to life by devising a series of modern, fun brand mascots. Let's face it, we don't hide the fact that we’re all just big kids at heart, and this really shines through in what we've created. A full range of packs featuring depictions of our little monsters when they're hungry. Each flavour has its own personality, brought to life in a spark of imagination. The finished packs are a real hit with both parents and kids.
Materne - esquisse Materne - pack
It's just such a fun concept, that's how I would describe what came out of our very first pencil sketches! David
Why work with In Fine?
Materne - abribus Materne - shooting