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  • Branding & concept.
  • Digital experience.

The brief.

Building renovations firm, Xena, specialises in bespoke home extensions. Their request was simple. We were to showcase their expertise and make them stand out from the competition. The client shared their idea for a "concept box" with us. It was up to us to transform this into an image that truly represented them.

Our approach.

From exploring the concepts to creating the brand image, we delved into the tiniest details to bring the project to life on paper and on the web. The four concepts of Work, Play, Cook and Relax were expressed using different bursts of colour, reflected both in the font and the dynamic photos of the rooms taking shape. Because ultimately, that's what renovation is all about. The chance to inspire people to pursue their desires and their grand plans. We think we nailed it!
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I was actually thinking about having some renovation work done on my house, so it was a dream project for me to explore the market from the consumer's perspective. Combining the font with lively colours and amazing photos brought a whole new energy to the Xena brand. Denis
Why work with In Fine?
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