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Brenus Pharma.

  • Branding & concept.
  • Digital experience.

The brief.

Brenus Pharma has developed an innovative product in the fight against colorectal cancer. For the fundraising and commercialisation phase, the French team engaged us to refresh their brand identity and design a new website. Goal? A powerful, innovative and dynamic brand image that perfectly reflects their technology. We gave their logo a facelift, developed a completely new graphic style and designed an international-level website. Doing so, we’ve got Brenus Pharma all set to introduce themselves to the world and make an impact! This assignment was very precious for in fine. We worked closely with a team of scientists determined to develop innovative approaches to existing colon cancer treatments.

Our approach.

Our first step was to translate the mission of Brenus Pharma (or should call we it the vocation?) into strong and striking messages to make clear to everyone what is at stake: pushing cancer research forward by finding the missing links. At in fine, we have made a strategic choice for the visual support of the messages: instead of working with abstract images, we literally show how the cancer cells evolve. We created some HTML animations and worked closely with 3D specialists at Miysis studio to realise 3D renders. We opted for bright, divergent colour tones for the website in terms of design. This approach gives a modern touch to the website and provides a high-tech look that inspires confidence. In short, we developed the perfect look & feel for this fast-growing spin-off. The client's briefing and deadlines made this project extra challenging. We had to do the job in two phases: first, quickly develop a one-pager site for a congress that was to take place shortly, and in parallel, create the entire website based on user feedback and data collected from peers in a short time. This agile method has not only allowed us to work out the storytelling excellently for each page but also to focus on the real needs of the product and its target group. We have built the Brenus Pharma website on a customisable WordPress framework. The result is a high-performance, scalable website with an intuitive CMS that ensures maximum autonomy for the client. The result fully meets the client's requirements.
Brenus Pharma - logo monochrone Brenus Pharma - logo couleur
Brenus Pharma - 3D
An exciting and super creative project realised in record time. Great interaction between client, industry peers, and we, creatives and strategists. Very smooth process, with a listening ear for each other and mutual trust. The result is an impactful design that supports the client's market positioning. Big success. Céline
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