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De Lelie.

  • Branding & concept.
  • Digital marketing.
  • Digital experience.
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The brief.

De Lelie is a Belgian family-owned company, specializing in the production of artisanal yogurts and fresh cheeses. The company enlisted In Fine to take charge of the redesign of its packaging and brand image. In total, not less than 30 references were not only refined but also highlighted during a B2B and B2C launch, coordinated by us.

Our collaboration has brought to life a graphic universe representing the freshness, flavors, and quality of the products. Our team then translated the brand's and its products' key strengths and messages into a completely new website.

Today, we continue to develop communication materials ; offline and online, B2B and B2C, in-store and outdoor, in perfect harmony with this new image. An ultra-tasty project!

Our approach.

The collaboration between De LeLie and In Fine revolves around three values: trust, proximity and creativity. We have applied our 20 years of expertise in the food industry to serve De LeLie, whether it's in branding, packaging, web experience and digital marketing. It's a project in which the entire team has been involved, and the result of our work boasts a multichannel visual coherence that brings real strength to this company.

A significant challenge that our packaging specialists successfully tackled in 2023, handling a wide range of products and different formats! This included taking charge of a packaging redesign, guiding the printers, creating new product lines, finalizing artworks, and producing 3D packshots.

On the digital marketing front, the communication plan implemented has two main objectives: building brand awareness by ensuring the effectiveness of the new in-store branding and maintaining the loyalty of existing customers during this visual transition. Yummy... A job well done tastes so good!
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J'ai pris beaucoup de plaisir à travailler au lancement de la marque sur les réseaux sociaux avec en combinaison un rebranding et un changement de packs à soutenir . Un vrai beau challenge en termes de performance pour s’assurer de soutenir le changement de packaging instore et de réduire l’impact sur les ventes. Ça m'a boosté pour les projets à venir! Laurie
Why work with In Fine?
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