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  • Digital marketing.

The brief.

The assignment was clear: create a digital campaign for Intradel in a record timespan of just 3 weeks. The objective? Make citizens aware of zero waste alternatives they can adopt in their bathroom.

Our approach.

Our team immediately sprang into action, working efficiently on multiple elements in parallel. First off, the concept itself which we presented via 7 story boards covering a range of different topics. We then got to work selecting an actor to perform the various sequences, while scouting a location (i.e. a bathroom) in which to film them. The subsequent shooting, editing (with carefully selected campaign music) and post-production (of no fewer than 16 separate videos, 7 of which were adapted to multiple digital channels) was all completed within the deadline.
Storyboard Intradel Post Care Intradel
I was really excited about this project. It was a significant challenge, comprising conceptualisation, filming and editing with fun and innovative content. Close collaboration with the client was essential and I’m pleased to say that everything went smoothly for a great result in just 3 weeks. Célia
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