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  • Branding & concept.
  • Digital marketing.
Décathlon cover

The brief.

Decathlon asked us to draw on our Liégeois roots to announce the opening of two new stores at the heart of our vibrant city: Decathlon Belle-île and a City concept store. Located in the centre of Liège as its name suggests, the City concept store focuses on urban sports.

Our approach.

With an extremely tight deadline, we decided to put ourselves in the customers' shoes. After a brainstorming session where we revisited some of our favourite expressions from the city, we added a local touch to the campaign with lots of little messages that were distributed all over the city. The messages were displayed in multiple formats in all kinds of places in Liège city centre and beyond. The campaign used print and digital materials to reach as many consumers as possible.
Décathlon - flyers Décathlon - accroche voiture
So much fun! Our Liégeois roots really came out in this campaign. We had such a great time coming up with ideas and playing with humour. More projects like this, please! Sylvain
Why work with In Fine?
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Décathlon - landing page Décathlon - publicité Liège