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  • Branding & concept.
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The brief.

Valvert contacted us for a campaign for its 100% Belgian water brand. The water has low mineral content, making it suitable for everyone from infants to adults. The company asked for our help to raise awareness among children of the importance of drinking Valvert water for their development.

Our approach.

Valvert ran a TV advert in 1995 showing a mummy bear chasing a pack of wolves for stealing her cub's bottle of Valvert. At In Fine, we wanted to preserve the link to animals and nature that characterises the Valvert brand. We asked our illustrator to create a campaign based on the concepts of growth, nature and animals. She came back to us with a height chart and a diary where children can colour the number of glasses of water they've drunk that day. The products are still available on the company's website.
Nestlé - toise
At In Fine, our team is full of big kids but many of us are also parents. I'm a mum myself, so this campaign was important to me. When I came home with the illustrations, I saw straightaway how my drawings appealed to my kids and that's when I knew the campaign would be a success with little ones! Aurélie
Why work with In Fine?
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