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Dermalex cover

The brief.

Perrigo tasked us with redesigning the company's brand Dermalex, a range of personal care and beauty products aimed at people with sensitive, dry or atopic skin that's sold in pharmacies. Our brief was to bring three product ranges already available on the market under a single brand. The challenge was to modernise and create common branding for the products, while preserving certain characteristics of each brand to avoid confusing customers.

Our approach.

We analysed the competition to ensure that the brand would stand out, before creating a medical brand image to inspire trust. We also reworked the hierarchy, colour scheme, logo and structure.
Dermalex - gamme Dermalex - shotting
Reworking a well-known existing brand in our own way was a real challenge for us. We enjoyed immersing ourselves in the pharmaceutical world and doing all we could to really make the brand stand out from all the others. Ingrid
Why work with In Fine?
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