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  • Digital experience.
Labarbou8 cover

The brief.

With a premium interior in terms of materials and design, this event venue hired us to create a website from scratch that would reflect the bright, modern feel of the space. The target was a B2B audience, therefore the website had to look professional and offer something different from traditional rental venue websites. We centralised as much information as possible about the venue on the website so that it could be easily managed.

Our approach.

A website that would give visitors the chance to discover this stunning space and also anticipate all the different questions and requirements they might have by creating a well-designed contact form. With its warm colours and images and a bold, modern design, you will definitely want to go there!
Wireframe and design web LaBarbou 8 par In Fine
It was really great to work on this project because they'd done a brilliant photo shoot and there was already a strong, modern visual identity. It was also an opportunity to play with new colours like yellow, which we hadn't worked with for almost a year. Maxime
Why work with In Fine?
La Barbou 8 salle à louer à Liège Labarbou 8 mobile design