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Luc spits.

  • Digital experience.
Luc Spits cover

The brief.

Luc Spits is an architecture studio producing bold, pared down designs that inspire an emotional response. We were asked to create the studio's communication materials, including a website to showcase its potential and inspire people to dream big.

Our approach.

Rigour, sensitivity and passion were the cornerstones of this project. To inspire confidence in our customer, we conveyed his vision with finesse and emotion. We designed a website combining clarity, simplicity and subtlety to express the attention to detail and drive for minimalist synthesis that make the work of Luc Spits so iconic.
Luc Spits - print Luc Spits - logo
A meticulous assignment for a meticulous customer. It's so rewarding to work with a customer who's so full of ideas and loves detailed, elegant designs. He was obviously happy with our work, because we were also asked to work on his interior architecture website. A very positive experience. Maxime
Why work with In Fine?
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