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Lab 9.

  • Digital marketing.

The brief.

The end goal? To boost Lab9’s brand awareness: positioning the company on the local market as the undisputed Apple experts. Hence our campaign produced solely in French, informing local prospects about the presence of Lab9, licensed distributers of Apple devices with proven expertise in the field.

Our approach.

Everything hinged on a single catchphrase in French, 'On est incollapple' (which loosely translates as 'We are unbeatable'). Unbeatable when it comes to customer support, answering any and all questions (from the usual to the eccentric) both before and after purchasing an Apple product. We built the brand’s on and offline presence with deliverables ranging from a radio spot to print ads, animated social posts, stories, posters and more. In short, a wide and varied campaign aimed at generating maximum visibility.
On est Incollapple
This was a project that was both constrained and expansive. On the one hand: an ambitious goal. On the other: strict guidelines imposed by Apple on the design. We nevertheless succeeded in navigating those constraints to come up with a campaign concept that combined witty copywriting with a clean and understated visual identity. Célia
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