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Mobility in liège.

  • Digital marketing.

The brief.

We were given the task of putting together a two-phased digital campaign: one for summer, followed by another for the winter season. The goal? To boost awareness for more sustainable forms of mobility amongst inhabitants of Liège, while driving them to the interactive platform:

Our approach.

Our team focused on multiple elements in parallel, devising a detailed digital strategy (defining the right channels to use, when and for how long) while conceiving three different creative concepts. The choice fell in favour of a campaign that conveyed the message interactively (through animations) and accessibly (with the right dose of humour). Using the selected concept as foundation, we subsequently got to work building three storyboards, each exploring a different topic and accompanied by specially selected campaign music. We then produced eight separate videos, three of which were adapted for use on various digital channels. At the same time, we adapted the concept and design for use, e.g., in internet banners, posters and print ads. And we’re pretty proud of the results, if we do say so ourselves!
A Liégeois who talks to Liégeois about Liégeois mobility using typically Liégeois humour. It prompted me to reflect on my life as an “autosoloist” (alone in my car) and it made me more aware of both the problems and the solutions proposed by Liege Mobility. Thanks to the initiative, I now come to work by bike twice a week. Sylvain
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