Among all communication tools, packaging is probably the most intimate. It's the closest to the consumer, it can be touched, observed, held in their hands. Knowing that over 75% of purchase decisions are made in-store, packaging is undoubtedly your number one media.


Packaging is useful. Not only does it allow for the preservation, storage, and in-store presentation of your products, but packaging is also the last ally of a successful sale.

It's when the buyer holds your product in their hands that they decide whether to take it or not. So, packaging carries a great responsibility.

At in fine, we understand this and design effective and sustainable packaging that reflects the charisma of your brand. We juggle space constraints to generate maximum emotion in a minimum surface area, so your products never stay on the shelves for long!

  • Packaging graphic design
  • Brand architecture (hierarchy/range)
  • Positioning workshop - trend analysis - competitor analysis
  • Brand creation (naming - logo)
  • Creation of wording/copy/translations
  • Shelf simulations with competition
  • Production of printed mock-ups
  • 3D packaging creation
  • Qualitative/quantitative pre-tests

For you

Want to further increase your sales performance? We help you reveal your personality on each of your supports. Want to dazzle your new recruits, thank your employees, excite your customers with a surprising welcome pack or an elegant box? Neglected packaging can ruin all your previous marketing efforts. Fancy entrusting us with the final step before the sale, to reassure, charm, and excite your customers? We design responsible and effective packaging for you. Beauty is subjective, effectiveness is quantifiable. Shall we talk it over a cup of coffee?

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